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It’s frustrating when a key system, such as your heating or cooling system, fails to perform properly. You’ll spend time asking for suggestions from friends and exploring the internet for the best heating and cooling repair providers in Santa Rosa. That can be nerve-wracking! Rather than that, let me apply my knowledge and expertise to the situation, and I will quickly identify and resolve the issue, saving you hours of conversations and worrying when your system will return to normal operation.

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Horizon Plumbing, Heating and Air Inc.

My Story

Since the beginning, I had a clear vision of what I wanted this company to be. I was unhappy with the way other companies treated their customers, and I wanted to see that change. Providing the greatest service possible while highlighting the importance of being honest and concise with consumers was my primary goal.
Having problems with your heating, air conditioning, or plumbing can be quite inconvenient. That’s why I’m here to help.

My reputation for quality work, pleasant service, and reasonable costs contribute to the fact that all of my clients say they would refer me to friends, family, and coworkers.

HVAC Services

As the owner of Horizon Plumbing, Heating, and Air, it is my job to maintain the best standards of indoor quality and comfort for the residents of Santa Rosa. This is accomplished by offering a wide range of services, educating my customers, and maintaining my integrity. As a result, you can always count on me to give my all and to continue serving you until you are completely satisfied with my services.
Electric Heat Pumps of a residential property

Heating Services

Getting an HVAC system is a significant decision that you’ll be glad you made now instead of waiting to provide comfort for your family during the cold season. To assist you in selecting an appropriate HVAC system and ensuring that it continues to operate correctly for years to come, I specialize in HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.
A hand with screwdriver securing the screw lock of the air conditioning unit cover

Cooling Services

Excessive heat irritates the skin and makes one feel pretty unpleasant. The primary and most significant benefit of having an air conditioning system is to provide relief from the heat. Its effective cooling system will enhance one’s quality of life and protect him or her from several worries. Give me a call and I’ll help you make your home comfortable.

Plumbing Services

While a plumbing issue is the last thing at the top of your priority list, it is vital to have a plumber that respects both you and your home. Give me a call and we can discuss your plumbing problems.

Customer Reviews

Ron H.
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“Darren was a pleasure to work with. He tried several approaches to solve the problem and got everything running properly although the parts were discontinued 12 years ago.”
Jacquelynne O.
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“My clients hired Darren to fix some clogged drains and he has been nothing but professional and accommodating to them, especially since they can be difficult to work with. He charged a fair price for his time and was available to start...”
Roz G.
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“Darren did a great job on our duct work and running a gas line for us to our fireplace. He and his assistant worked really hard in the small difficult space under the house..."
Susan A.
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"Darren was fantastic! Called, set up time, called back, came by to look, went to get parts, came back on time as scheduled & fixed the leak! All this in one day! Courteous, clean, better price than another plumber..."
Ariana S.
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"Customer service was excellent. Darren answered my calls - or responded quickly if I ended up with voice mail. He communicated clearly and explained every step. I would recommend this company for both furnace and water heater replacement."
Margo L.
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"Darren was great, he called me right away and called before he came over. He analyzed the job and told us what was needed and completed the job on Monday. I would definitely use this company again."
Nan A.
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“I received excellent service for installation of a one-piece toilet . Darren was efficient and knowledgeable throughout the process. While passing through, he also noted a longstanding issue with a faucet and quickly resolved it.”
Matt G.
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“I'd give Darren more than 5 stars if I could. My wife and I purchased a true fixer upper. Darren has been outstanding in replacing plumbing, installing a new furnace, replacing vents and duct work, and a installing a new hot water heater...”

Heating System Installation and Repairs

HVAC systems are a critical component of a home’s comfort. They regulate the temperature exactly right, preventing us from freezing or sweating excessively. A properly functioning HVAC system ensures that heat, smoke, and dust do not pollute the air within your home. Newer HVAC systems in comparison to previous systems are more efficient and can save you between 30% and 40% on your electricity expenses. HVAC systems are also efficient because they maintain clean, virus-free indoor air.
An outdoor air condition unit installed outside the house

Heating System Installations

Installing a new HVAC system is a significant project. I’m here to help you make the wisest decision for your house. Numerous elements must be considered, including the system’s size, operational expenses, and budget. I have the experience and skills necessary to assist you in making the best choice possible for your house.
A skilled technician holding a pressure regulator gauge of a heating system

Heating System Repairs

I will inspect your HVAC system at your home. If repairs are possible, I will immediately begin working on them. If your system is beyond repair, I will walk you through the replacement options and assist you in selecting the system that is most suited to your unique needs.
Air conditioning compressor units at the outdoor wall of a house

Heating System Replacement

Have you considered replacing your HVAC system? This can take hours of internet study and thought over which system is best for you. But, when you contact me, I will do everything possible to ensure that you understand which system is appropriate for you and that your new system is installed properly.

Air Conditioning System Installation and Repairs

Not only do air conditioners maintain the proper amount of moisture and temperature, they also improve the air quality. Air conditioners provide a home with filtered, clean air. This clean air is free of exterior dirt particles, extra dust, and even bacteria that enter through the windows and doors.
A hand with tool used to repair the air conditioning unit on the wall of a house

AC Repair

Are you having trouble with your air conditioning system and unsure what to do? A lot of the time, the issue is minor and can be resolved quickly. You can rely on me to complete the repair correctly the first time.
A skilled technician installing an air conditioning unit on the wall of a house

AC Installation

You shouldn’t wait until your old AC system breaks down before replacing it. If the system fails, the indoor air quality will suffer. Give me a call and I’ll assist you in installing a new system that fits your needs.
A hand holding an air conditioning remote control to regulate the temperature

AC Replacement

There are a variety of reasons why people replace their AC systems. Perhaps it is too old, has irreparable damage, or does not meet their needs. Whatever the reason, you can rely on me to assist you in selecting the right system for your needs.
It is vital that your air conditioning system operates flawlessly throughout the year. Regular inspections will discover minor issues that can develop into more major and costly issues down the road.

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Plumbing Services

For homeowners, a neglected plumbing system can result in a variety of difficulties. Corroded pipes, broken sinks, pipe leaks, and uncontrolled root growth all have the potential to cause future problems. When plumbing maintenance and repairs are prioritized, water damage, electric shocks, the growth of dangerous mold, and other common issues can be avoided.

Call (415) 897-4015 and I will come to your home armed with all of the necessary tools and equipment necessary to inspect, diagnose, and repair your plumbing problems.
A professional plumber working on the under sink pipes with his handy tools

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Santa Rosa, California, is close to San Francisco, making it convenient to visit if you’re looking to get out of town and see something new. Many people are unaware that Santa Rosa is the birthplace of the Peanuts cartoon, as Charles M. Schulz was born here. With that in mind, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the local museum and view some incredible historical relics starring Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Apart from this famous animation, Santa Rosa offers a lot of other intriguing activities, and if you prefer the great outdoors, there is plenty to discover here that will let you enjoy some of California’s most stunning landscapes without the crowds. If you’d rather stay indoors, this city is brimming with museums and art galleries, and in addition to the Charles M. Schulz Museum, you’ll find gems like the Sonoma Children’s Museum, which is ideal if you’re traveling with children.

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